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By clicking on "Continue to Login" button, you agree to the Terms of Service (Terms & Conditions) of usage of Internet Banking of Akhand Anand Co-Operative Bank Ltd.

The terms and conditions under which the Internet banking (views only) Mail has been issued mentioned below.

Dos’ & Don’ts:

  • The customer should keep his / her User ID and password strictly confidential and should not divulge the same to any other person. Any loss sustained by the customer due to non-compliance of this condition will be at his/her own risk and responsibility and the bank will not be liable for the same in any manners.
  • The customer is free to choose a password of his own for Internet banking (views only). As a precaution a password that in is generic nature guessable or inferable personal data such as name, address, telephone number, driving license, date of birth etc. is best avoided. Similarly it is a good practice to commit the password to memory rather than writing it down somewhere.
  • You should register for 'Internet banking (views only) with the branch where you maintain the account.
  • Normally Internet banking (views only) will be open to the customer only after he/she acknowledges the receipt of user id & password.
  • We invite you to visit your account on the site frequently for transacting business or viewing account balances. If you believe that any information relating to your account has a discrepancy, please bring it to the notice of the branch by e-mail or letter or telephonically.
  • User-id & Password shall be allotted by Mail.
  • The User-id shall be permanent and Password will be changeable by customer.
  • You are welcome to access 'Internet’ from anywhere anytime.
  • There is no way to retrieve a password from the system. Therefore if a customer forgets his/her password, he/she must approach the Branch
  • All requests received from customers are logged for backend fulfilment and are effective from the time they are recorded at the branch.
  • Rules and regulations applicable to normal Alerts transactions in India will be applicable for the transactions executed through this site.
  • Dispute between the customer and the Bank in this service is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in the Republic of India and governed by the law prevailing in India.
  • The Bank reserves the right to modify the services offered or the Terms of service of Internet banking (views only). The changes will be notified to the customers through a notification on the Site or/and Bank’s Notice Board. The Bank reserves the right to Change the Charges.
  • The customer has an obligation to maintain secrecy in regard to User ID & Password registered with the Bank. The bank suggests User ID and password should be kept with the customer's confidential mode and should not be used by others.
  • The customer will not attempt or permit others to attempt accessing the Internet banking (views only)' through any unlawful means.
  • The Customer Is Responsible for any dispute if he/she share password.
  • The customer details given above are correct and the same are recorded in banking software.
  • We have verified the signature of the customer as appended above.
  • We recommend granting Internet Banking Facility to the above customer.
  • In case of joint accounts, the applicant is required to obtain the joint holder’s name & signature.
  • Account holders can access their accounts through Internet banking (views only) services.
  • Completed application should be submitted to the branch where the primary account is maintained.
  • Information on activation of facility along with the Mail / SMS / PIN mailer will be sent to the applicant’s address registered with the Bank.
  • This Internet banking (views only) Require Internet Service in Applicant’s Mobile.
  • The terms and conditions of service form the contract between customer and Bank. By applying for Mobile Banking Service of the Bank, the customer acknowledges these terms. These terms will be in addition and not in derogations of the terms and conditions relating to any Account of the customer.
  • The customer shall be required to acquaint himself with the detailed process for using Internet banking (views only) and AkhandAnand Co-Op Bank Ltd. shall not be responsible for any error made by the customer.